With so much information available to potential home buyers, renters, and investors via the internet, it can be a challenge to know that the information you are being provided is correct. I can't count the number of times clients inform me that they have found an amazing home, for an amazing price. Upon looking into the property, we uncover that the house was sold 9 months ago or is not even listed for rent!!

Breaking Down why this Happens

There are a few explanations for this problem. First of all, Zillow, Truilia, Redfin and many other major sites are NOT connected to your local MLS (Multiple Listing Service). The MLS is a local database of homes for sale/rent that only Realtors® in that region have access to and this information is not shared with Zillow or Trulia. However, Zillow and Trulia may obtain some listing data from the MLS but, it is going to have a delay of at least two days and there is no guarantee that they have not altered any details regarding the listing. With the market being on fire right now in Charlotte, homes could be under contract in a matter of hours, which means yet another lapse of time before you are provided the correct information on Zillow or Trulia. Secondly, there have been instances of Zillow and Trulia featuring a House of the Day or "Trending listings". Numerous times I have checked to see if the information checks out for these homes and a stunning 90% of time the list price of the home was almost $100,000 dollars less than the actual listing price. This makes complete sense though, since the whole reason Zillow and Trulia want you to visit their site is to generate ad revenue, so more times you click their pages, the more money they make. 


I hope this information makes its way across the internet to help potential renters and home buyers to protect themselves from the pitfalls of false information. Please contact a local Realtor® to help you locate Rentals and Homes in your area.If you are located in Charlotte, Please contact Josh Campbell (704)-621-9092 or Geoff Campbell (704)-400-1644, we will be glad to talk with you about any of your Real Estate needs.

Have a blessed day y'all!

-Josh Campbell